Thursday, August 18, 2005

HoH Standings Updated....I'm No. 1...I'm No. 1

Go me...

I'd like to thank the Academy, my mom and dad for always believing in me, my wife and kids who are always supportive, but I'd especially like to thank the van of the future for getting me safe and sound. LOL


Jay MG said...

Hey nice!

Too bad you're going to go into a tailspin throught the second half of the season. You're team got off to a great start, but I'm not sure you've got the depth to go all the way. Unless you make a trade, I have a hard time believing that you'll even make the playoffs - maybe Croq-Gar for Orion? He'd be a welcome addition to your squad!

Congrats on leading the pack!

Spanky_100 said...

Thanks Jayman! Is there a new Orion fig available?