Thursday, August 25, 2005

Newton...Fetch my bow

I was just painting up my first dryad. A variety of painting techniques (dry brush, a glaze, yes you read correctly, a glaze, and then painting specific areas. I like the way it turned out, but I know that most people will just look at it and think its crap.

Anyway, as I was painting this dryad I started thinking about the Hercules animated cartoon. The dumbest thing ever about that cartoon was went Herc got into trouble he called for Netwon to fetch his bow. And that dumbass Newton would just go to the nearest tree and bingo, a bow! I mean what the hell??? Did they plan a bow in every tree. Sometime there would be a huge honking sword too and a shield. Just imagine the expense. I figure Herc was running drugs on the side just to pay for stuffing every arbour with a blade, bow and shield. Ri as in diculous.

Watched another episode of Little Britian last night. Some good laughs. These guys have developed some really interesting characters. I think my favorite is the crazy lady. She's always doing something really wierd then her cell rings and she goes totally normal. Reminds me of people in Toronto.

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