Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So damn tired I can hardly give it a pull

I said hardly...just kidding people...calm down...

Anyway I'm super tired. We have company coming at 7:00 tonight. Boo Hiss! No painting for me, at least until they leave.

I was thinking today about that damn laser etcher from Epilog. Man the stuff I could do with such a beast. I believe the warhammer market is really missing up to date counters.

Gale Force 9 makes many nice tokens and turn counters but they are woofully out of date. Where is the Ogres counters I ask you? Where?? Just how am I suppose to remember who has what spell affecting which unit etc...Maybe I'll design some and see if a local company will "print" them for me.

On the aquatic nid front, still no luck searching for wings that resemble flying fish (speaking of which, where the beep is my FW stuff??, for what they charge for shipping it should be at your door before you order it.

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