Saturday, September 03, 2005

Carnifex slowly coming together...

I'll post pictures every time there is a significant change in the carnifex project. Here is the first view. Since the modelling theme is aquatic, I thought this first one would be neat just exiting the water. A little bit of the tail protrudes from the water to even the base a bit.

For fins, I'll be using the spikey bitz from the legs and other parts of the Carnifex as well as Harpy wings. Harpy wings are just about perfect for this conversion and the even has the same texture as the FW Winged Hive Tyrant's wings. This project should be really fun to put together. I haven't decided if I'll put weeds and stuff around this model yet.

Once thing that I am not too sure about is how to get the water effect chemical to stay on the base. My last attempt was terrible with the stuff running everywhere. I may have to build a small circular container wall to keep the stuff in place.

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