Friday, September 23, 2005

I started assembling another 10...

And I've realized that I only have 30+ of the 70 that I need.

I could swear I should have more than that... let see:

12 from my own box, 12 from Will, 10 from Mark. That's 34...I thought I got a few more...oh well..You can never have too many models...

Speaking of too many models. I should really take an inventory of what I have to paint up. Off the top of my head:

10 Demonic Hounds
36 Chaos warriors
2 Chariots
60 Clan Rats
60 Dryads
50 SoBs
100+ metal Orcs w either two handweapons or great weapons.
10 Boar boyz
Grey knights...crap, I forgot about those...

And dozens of individual figs...and ork vehicles for terrain...


Punkhouse said...

What! you're doing the wood elves before the black orcs? Blasphemy.

Spanky_100 said...


yup, although I do look at the Black Orcs on the shelf beside me. Some time before x-mas I'll start them. I still haven't found a coulour scheme that I like for them.