Sunday, September 04, 2005

Need a piece of tail

The carnifex is now completed and ready for priming except for the tail. I'm having a pretty hard time to decide what to do. If you look at the images below, the tail is coming out of the "water" too steeply. Adding a shark fin like tail to this would be very silly looking. Perhaps I need to rethink the tail bit.

Any suggestions would be welcome...

I removed the tail and added 3 small "shark fins" to the back...It looks pretty good. Just need to clean up some of the green stuff and then prime this puppy.


It's primed.


Jay MG said...


I love the aquatic theme, especially since I just watched a couple of the 'Alien' movies last night and the aliens are sometimes swimming. I've always thought that a snake in the water is much more frightening than on land - and aliens are much the same. I like the fins idea. Look forward to seeing the end-product!

Jay MG said...


How do you set up the word varification thing? That would solve several problems!

Spanky_100 said...

Right now I'm not sure of the colour scheme. Any suggestions?