Friday, September 02, 2005

Skaven BB team

In preparation for the new BB season, I've started my Skaven Team. Here is the first model. These models were stripped clean and re-primed, but the primer appears to crystalized, given the model a bumpy look. So what, I says, they're Skaven for crying out loud, they're lumpy to begin with. Did I mention I hate painting fur?

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Jay MG said...

Hey Weber,

Just to let you know I don't have any imediate plans of setting up annother Blood Bowl league, I'm far to busy right now. When I started the first one I did most of it in my spare time, but then I got promoted from Full time to Assistant Manager to Manager kinda quickly, and all of a sudden I had much less spare time. So right now I don't have any plans to start up again, so if you or anyone else are interested in running the next season that would be cool.

I'd still like to participate, and I'd help out as much as I can (maybe with the newsletter...) and of course we'd still have the stuff set up at Bayshore for the season.

Think about it, and if no one wants to then you'll have to wait a bit until I can do it again.