Monday, October 17, 2005

And on...

Took a well deserved break today and watched Blade II. Quite entertaining and I enjoyed the special effects for the nasty guys mouths. That was impressive.

Spent the last 25 minutes removing 10 Dryads from their sprue. Normally I wouldn't comment on this but there are 7 parts to every Dryad. The lengthy part of this project is not in the painting of the fig so much as it is in the preparation. 7 parts to each dryad, 10 dryads in a unit, and 7 units = 7 x 10 x 7 = 490 parts. Each needs to be removed from the sprue, the flash removed (which I rather enjoy) and then assembled. I beleive I got a buzz off the glue yesterday doing that last bunch of ten.

Since many of the Dryads were given to me in exchange for other models or at the TO conflict (Thanks all!), I'm lacking bases. I have a bunch of slotta bases and those will have to do. I find that the terrain (flock) tends to cover the slotts fairly well anyway...

Here is the current progress to date:

70 Dryads:
26 Completed (=37% Yeah Yeah Yeah more than 1/3 done)
4 Glazed.
10 Basecoated.
10 Assembled.
10 Removed from Sprue
10 on Sprue
2 Treemen: On order from GCM
4 Treekin: In Blister

My goal is complete 4 more tomorrow (the glazed ones), and ten more by the end of the week. This would take me to the Oct 21st.

If I could 15 the following week Oct 28th and 15 the week after that, Nov 4th. I'd have a week to complete the 4 treekin and the two Treeman for Nov 12th, i.e. the Montreal Conflict. Which means it's impossible, because they would all be unbased. Oh well I tried!

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Punkhouse said...

I have some experience with this, as I like to jury-rig models a lot.

What I usualy do with slotta bases:

-put crazy glue around the hole in the base.
-glue pieces of paper that are cut to size over the holes
- use a knife to take off any excess paper

It makes slotta bases look almost identical to non-slot bases after they've been flocked. Even adds a bit of a 3-d element to the base.