Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More Dryads and Conflict Montreal

I'm keen to make a big push on the Dryads. I've brought ten of them with me for tonights Warhammer games at GW Bayshore. 5 are already at the glazed stage and 5 are at the pre-drybrush stage. If it's a slow gaming night, I'll be able to finish these puppies...

It wouldbe great to have the army ready for Conflict Montreal. If not, I think I'm gonna bring the Undead Dwarves.

Speaking of Conflict Montreal, I need to bring a few models for the Warpstone painting competition.

Here is what I'm thinking of bringing:

Warhammer small: Ltd Ed Wood Elf Battle Standard
Warhammer Large: Working on a Wyvern/Orc Lord, but if it's not looking like it will be ready, then I'll try and touch up Krok-Gar.
40k Small: Typhus model (after some touch ups)
40k Large: Likely won't have something. :(

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