Sunday, October 09, 2005

Update on the Wood elf list

Small update on all the all dryad (well almost all dryad) wood elf list:

70 Dryads:
10 Completed,
10 Primed and Painted Scorched Brown,
10 Dry brushed and glazed
40 on Sprue

2 Treemen: On order from GCM
4 Treekin: In Blister

I also took a quick break this morning after finishing the wood elf battle standard and preped some SoB figures. Primed 6 more and finished the faces off 4 others. I should have two squads of 10 completed in another month or so. I'm really tired of the death guard and once I've got the sisters done, the Death Guard are for the chop. Anyone interested in them, give me a buzz.

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