Monday, November 21, 2005's a living...

Another very small update:

70 Dryads:
31 Completed (=44%)
9 Glazed.
10 Primed.
10 Basecoated
10 Assembled.
4 Treekin: Basecoated
1 Treemen: Primed
1 Treemen: Basecoated <===Cannot decide what colour to make the ancient...maybe black to white...
Drycha: Flesh done.

Also painted the basecoat of vermin brown on 5 more of my skaven BB team.


Jay MG said...

So Weber, do you have a timeframe for when I as a mear mortal might get to see the little wood-sticks in action?

Bring some by next time your in so I can get a good look at them too!

Spanky_100 said...

Before xmas I hope...

They are however my worst painted army to date. I've got to something with the bases or I won't be able to tell one unti from the next...