Sunday, December 18, 2005

Better than Typhus apparently isn't

Well it looks like the entire Death Guard army is or will be sold by tomorrow, with one exception: Better than Typhus.

I find this so funny since he was without a question the best painted model in the army. I think the real reason that he didn't sell is because people know thta he really does suck.

On a side note, the Army went/is going for 450+CDN before the shipping and handling costs have been added so I couldn't be happier. Comes a good time, right around the holidays and help pay for all those little presents that family is looking forward to getting.

Speaking of x-mas. Since my mom is gonna be in PEI for xmas with my brother and his family, we dicided to have our traditional Dec 24th get together and gift swapping today instead.

Michelle (my lovely wife) spent the last day and half cooking in the kitchen. Dinner was amazing.

It started with a fantastic soup: 1/2 Roasted yellow peppers and half roasted tomoatos with a Serano cream sauce. Unbelieveable presentation. Michelle has also adapted this recipe to for her home made tomotoe sauce, which is wonderful.

The next course was salad (with the onions/garlic merinating for about an hour). Superb.

For the vegetarians she prepared roasted asparagus lasanga, while the omnivores got their choice of the lasanga or crock pot barbeque chicken or a serving of each if they liked.

Roasted beets rounded out the roasted veg theme.

Red win (Wolf Blass Yellow Label, my personal favourite) was an excellent addition to the meal.

Coffee and huge and I do mean huge selection of homemade cookies that my mom brought capped off a fabulous repas.

Now for the sad news. I couldn't enjoy it becuause I started to get super sick right before we ate. I have now confirmed through two serious bouts of stomach pains that I cannot eat cheese or more specifically cheese pizza. I had left over pizza for lunch and right now I wish I was dead. 8+ trips to the can and counting. If I had a loaded gun by the throne I would have blown my brains out. At least sitting on the bowl got me out of doing a mess of dishes. My stomach feels like a ballon...


Jay MG said...

Have you tried any of those lactade or lactox or whatever drug-pill name they have? Or maybe some Tum Tum Tum Tum Tums? If you have to live without pizza can you get disability? Because that sure would suck.

Spanky_100 said...

Mmmmmm disability....