Sunday, December 11, 2005

Death Guard must go

Decided that the only way I can motivate myself to build another 40k Army is to get the rid of the only Tournament Legal (i.e. painted) list that I have: The Death Guard.

They we fun while they lasted. I started these guys one day quite by accident. I was hanging around the rathaus playing I believe Jay's High Elves (and I was losing I think, huge surprise there...), when out of the Blue Tristan says: Who wants a DG army for $50.00. I just happened to say yes first. So I got like 16 warriors, 2 rhinos and a dreadnaught for $50.00. The next day Tristan coughs up a predator and landraider for another 50.00. I added a squad of the latest version DG, my plaguebearers and nurlgings from my Nurgle Chaos Warhammer army (which I must start again on day..) and viola! I had the models for the 40k army. Tristan had painted a few of the models and I copied his scheme throughout the army. They turned out really well imho and even one me best painted this year in Gatineu. I wonder if those Gatineau bums are ever going to submit the HoH results...unlikely...idiots really...

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