Saturday, December 17, 2005

Turn 3.5

My general failed to run down his archers, but at least they were fleeing.

My chariot failed to do a wound on his Mage Lord, with only one wound left it was touch and go. His mage hit, his mage wounds and I save it. Then his horse wifted. Outnumber, cause fear and there is one dead mage Lord.

The lone demonette on steed fails to wound the bolt thrower crew, but also does not get wounded. My large demonette on steeds unit quickly cuts down the other mage.

With the high elf chariot now gone, bad things start to happen to kyles general, who is in a challenge with the herald. They exchange wounds. I lose the combat again but manage to stick around.

My other chariot wipes out the remaining silver helms that had just rallied the turn before.

Turn 4

It's looking grim for the High Elves

The archers rally and the bolt thrower crew manage to kill the demonette on a steed. The high elf general takes his second wound and dies. With nothing left the outnumbering and fear causing makes the battle standard run. I failed to catch him.

My turn 4. My general flies over to where the archers have just rallied.
The chariot and demonettes on steeds position themselves to charge the bolt thrower next turn. He cannot shoot both units!

My demonette unit tried to charge to the fleeing battle standard but they fail to catch him.

My general successfully casts magic and makes the archers frenzied (forcing them to charge and not shot my demon in the next turn.

Turn 5

The archers charge the exalted demon. Hahhhahaha

The bolt thrower tries to pick of the chariot with a single wound, but due to the fantastic 5+ ward save, I save both of the wounds that it scored.

My demon only kills one of the archers, and so the combat is tied. However, the spell is doing d6 STR 3 hits to the archers at the start of every player turn and that will eventually kill them

My turn 5. The demonettes on steeds finish off the bolt thrower, the str5 hits drops the archers to just a few men and my demon finishs the unit off in the combat phase....

As so often happens in Warhammer, what started off looking really badly for me in the begininng of the battle suddenly changes and and poof the opposing army is gone...

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