Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yes amigo another Dryad Army update

The first two stages have been completed. I've got about dozen items to finish of the Drayads and then the little bitz on both the Treeman.

  1. Prime black all of the added bitz and ruined temple floor.
  2. Paint alternate floor tiles bleached bone and red. Then dry brush the floor with bubonic brown to give it that aged look.
  3. Paint the add on on the bases (helmets, sheilds books).
  4. Paint the little gremlins all over the army
  5. Finish some of the eyes.
  6. Play some games man...

    For the tiles in stage 2 I decided you pain different tiles for different units. Also using terrain features will distinguish the other units.

    1. Red tile
    2. Dark blue tile
    3. Light blue tile
    4. Purple tile
    5. Cement blocks
    6. Man made items
    7. Nature made items

I'll post some pics as soon as I feel like it....

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