Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First games with the Wood Elf all Tree Sprite List

Played a couple of games at my favourite haunt yesterday using the following list:

2000 Pts - Wood Elves Army

1 Treeman Ancient @ 425 Pts
Annoyance of Netlings [25]
Cluster of Radiants [25]
Muster of Malevolents [25]
Pageant of Skrikes [25]

1 Branchwraith @ 165 Pts
Magic Level 1; Lore of Athel Loren; Miscast Table
#We1 - Tree-Singing [0]
#We2 - Fury of the Forest [0]
#We3 - The Hidden Path [0]
#We4 - The Twilight Host [0]
#We5 - Ariel's Blessing [0]
#We6 - Call of the Hunt [0]
Befuddlement of Mischiefs [25]
Murder of Spites [25]

9 Dryads @ 108 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

10 Dryads @ 120 Pts

3 Treekin @ 280 Pts

1 Elder @ [20] Pts

1 Treeman @ 285 Pts

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 4

Models in Army: 76

Total Army Cost: 1983

The first game was against a good friend of mine, Steve. Steve was playing his Dwarves using the new Dwarf army book that came out this week. Steve kitted out the army with an anvil and a unit of miners (with a steam drill). This is something that we're going to see in at least 50% of the dwarf lists in the tournament circles, and with good reason. Basically you need to deploy your army 12" away from all table edges or you will be charged in the flank/rear. Ouch! Now this is not such a big deal with a Dryad heavy list, but you still don't want to be charged.

Steve won the game with a minor victory. I had nothing that could stop his iron breakers and a couple of failed charges in my last turn didn't garner me any victory points. My general running away (rolled a bloody 10) from a unit of dwarf warriors after losing the combat by 1 didn't help matters.

The second game was against another good buddy of mine, Ian. Ian was playing a more traditional wood elf list, with dryads, archers, waywatchers, two mages, fast cav, archers and warhawk riders. That was pretty ugly with Ian's shooting being nothing short of abyssmal. Got a massacre out of that one.

So what did I learn:

  1. Dwarves are much harder in the new list with some potentially sick combinations. However, if I was more careful the battle could easily have turned to my favour
  2. Tradtional wood elf lists have a huge issue with the Dryad list, as one would expect.

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