Saturday, January 28, 2006

Xbox 360

We were looking around EB when we saw that they had a couple of XBOX 360 Xbox 360 premium systems. Turns out several people that had pre-ordered chose not to pick it up. Well the boyz pooled their BD money and they got themselves an xbox 360. I must say it's impressive.
  • Connected to internet no problem,
  • previous system (xbox) games updated (the ones that can) without a hitch.
  • HD gaming is amazing.
  • Wireless controller is cool. There is no dongle to plug into the console, leaving room for the wired controllers to plug into the USB ports on the front of the device.

Again, very impressed with the whole thing (and now I even get to play it).

To view the system we picked up this: Viewsonic HDTV from Costco. Again an amazing product.

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