Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's time for something new

Well been long while since I've posted so I changed the look of the board to symbolize starting fresh.

Played in a Warhammer Tournament at STL yesterday. One win and 3 draws was a great finish for me. I didn't walk away with any trophies, but I had some excellent games and played against a couple of new people which is always a pleasure. Ian walked away with Best General so at least the reputation of Deepwoods and the VTF has been maintained.

At the bar Will, Ian and myself made a pack to bring a couple of neutered armies to a Conflict this year.

Will's Challenge: Zombie Pirates nuf said.
Ian's Challenge: Empire no war machines
My Challenge: Ogres with zero magic, no lords. (no butchers for example)

I think we might need to make Ian's army more restricted then just no machines because it still sounds powerful to me if you go all magic route for example).

I've also decided that I need to paint another army and I need to do it soon. I really should get a 40k army together for those fabulous Kitchener tournaments, but my main interest continues to be Warhammer Fantasy.

As a side bar, my brother in law is pushing for more flames of war or perhaps even some starwars minis battles. The advantage of the star wars minis is that they come pre-painted so in principle I could start enjoying the game right away.

Anyway, look for more constant updates here...



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Jay MG said...

Hey Weber...You know I know a guy who knows a guy who is friends with a guy who's brother in law owns a games store that sells those two particular games...Ok it's me! Let mw know if you need anything for FoW or SW minis and I'll throw together a package for Ottawa (once I get my stock put together that is - should be a few weeks still).