Saturday, June 02, 2007

Black Orc Scenic Base

This is the beginning of my Black Orc Scenic base.

The concept is that a band of Orcs has taken over a dwarven mine.
For this unit of 30 black orcs the center 12 orcs will be represented by this scenic base. These tracks will be roughed up and split in the track will be covered by coal from a tipped over dwarven mining cart. Not sure if I'll have an orc on the base but maybe some gobbos looting it and a black orc or two kicking them away would be interesting. Also there will be a dead dwarven miner or two on the base for interest.

The black individual bases where the track extends beyond the scenic base will have black orc rank and file on the two sides one and the unit champion (Borgut model) on the front one.

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