Monday, June 18, 2007

Update on Army Progress

Finished off a couple more black orcs. Changes in bold


1 Black Orc General (needs basing)
1 Orc Standard Bearer (will be put in a chariot)
1 Orc Shaman (primed)
1 Night Goblin Shaman (in blister)

Black Orcs:
14 Painted
4 Skin done.
Scenic base almost finished (to a table top standard, still need source lighting), also needs a Blorc on it.

29 not bought yet

Night Gobins
29 purchased (including 12 scenic base, 1 champion and 3 fanatics)

Spider Riders
2x5 purchased.

Arrer boyz
2x10 not bought yet



Bolt Throwers
Purchased (2 o&g ones and 2 dwarf ones)

Also purchased

  • Box of new miners to add bitz and the odd model
  • Dead/drunk dwarves to add to scenic bitz
  • picks/shovels etc to add to scenic bitz
  • tunnel portals for giant and spider riders

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