Sunday, January 27, 2008

Orc and Goblin Chariot

One model that I want to include in my new Orc and Goblin army is a chariot. In this case, to keep with the Attacking the Dwarves in a Mine theme, I placed the chariot as if it is riding over large rocks. The intent will be to make the cart being pulled (by a single HUGE boar) using a chain, and the cart will be slightly tipping as if making a sharp corner. The cart will contain the battle standard. I think this will make quite an interesting piece when it is finished. It still needs to be "dwarfed" up, so with the addition of some miners hats and picks, possibly a lantern and a vein of gold/mithril or some precious ore, I think that will do it.

I might add a cape to the rider on the boar as well to make his upper body look a little larger. Green stuff is my friend in this case.. .

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