Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hard at work on the Orcs and Goblins

1 Black Orc General Completed
1 Orc Standard Bearer Completed but needs rare earth magnets to move him from chariot to his own base.
1 Orc Shaman started painting. Got the skin done,and did a few touch ups.
1 Night Goblin Shaman Completed


Black Orcs:18 Completed and scenic base completed. (all to a table top standard) Source lighting not even started.
Orcs29: Green stuffed the edges of the scenic base, removed all flash from the orcs so they are ready for priming.

Night Gobins:
All BG cloaks are now finished. Shoes finished. All models based. This unit is now playable!!.
Dwarf for scenic base started (skin and weapons).
3 Fanatics completed

Spider Riders. 1 Unit completed. Second unit scenic base started.

Arrer boyz. All flashed removed. Started working on two scenic bases for these units. (giving them the look like they are fighting behind a defended obsticle which will removed when playing.

Chariot. Finally got the stones to stay on the base using lots of glue and sand to bind the pieces together. The porous plaster rocks simple absorbed the white glue so the sand acts like cement to hold the pieces together. Seems to be working.

Giant. First base coat applied to the skin.

Bolt Throwers
1 Completed (with tied up slayer)
Started assembly of the second one. This one will be a blot thrower which is 1/2 goblin and 1/2 dwarf. Should turn out pretty good.

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