Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What happens in Deep River....stays in Deep River

Or ends up on the internet...

A quiet evening at Tripples playing Blood Bowl and drinking beer.

Perhaps too much beer.

Good thing he wore protection...
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Yao said...

i didn't know gimli shaved his beard???

Jay MG said...

Hey man! I hand't checked in with the Ottawa crew in forever, and thought I'd have a quick look to see if your blog's still up and running. Good to see you're still going strong. Quirky fact, you guys are playing Blood Bolw (which I think I can claim to have intorduced you to), and at this very moment I'm setting up the sports page for the first Blood Bowl league that I'll be running at my place in Hamilton! Small World.

Hey, when are you guys going to make the trip to the Hammer and play in one of my tourneys? I think the Van of the Future should brave the toxic Hamilton air :)

Peace out Weber!

Jay MG