Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update to O&G Army

Finished the clothing on 9 of the Orc Boyz...getting there...

8 more Orc Boyz to go
20 arrer boyz waiting in the wings.

Then I need to base the about + a few other models that need to be based.

When the army is finished I need to go back and do the following:

Add scratches to all the armour
Paint the NG shields
Add another spider to one of the bases
Add dwarf bitz to here and there (especially on the anvil scenic base)
Add some gems here and there.
Seal all the models

Then it's a 40k army and then a choas mortal army.

For the 40k army I still really need to decide which way to go with these options:



Drazhar said...

Do necrons. With your skills you are one of the people who can disprove the ridiculous opinion that necrons are boring to paint.

Keep up the good work, says an RSS follower of your splendid weblog.

Spanky_100 said...

thanks and RSS follower...hope you like my new kitchen reno.

The Necrons would be a cool choice. They were my sons army, but I love them too...