Saturday, November 06, 2010

Chaos Army:Model Count progress

Hi all,

I've always found it helpful for myself when painting to do a kinda count here goes:

2000 points of Choas Tz

Completed. Unbased
Wizard: Completed Unbased
BSB: Completed Unbased

12 Warriors |Completed Unbased
4 Scenic bases. Base coated and started painting

17 Models - 4 Primed and skin painted
1 unit champion, skins and armour painted
4 model center piece: Completed, unbased (may go back and add some details to the star field)
8 model center piece: Main figure painted

2x5 Fast cav w flails assembled
2x5 dogs: Green stuffed gaps

2 Spawn: Base coated blue
1 Warshrine: Painted Unbased and falling apart.

So still a lot of work to do...

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