Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Too many models

Decided to sell off a few models to make some cash. In some bizarre twist of fate, through trades and a few sales (and then purchases) I've ended up with more models than I started with.

Will this never end. :) Let's hope not.

Last night at GW Bayshore I started work on the last of my maneaters the ninja model to be specific. I should finish this model before the weekend.

Through some trades, debt reduction payments, and some super deals, I finally obtained all the models together (all eight of them!) for my Tyranid army and have settled on an aquatic theme. I'll use the blog to keep track of the progress of the army.

In keeping with the trading theme, through several trades this week I've started both a Chaos mortal team and a Skaven Team.

The Chaos team I'm leaning towards Khorne. I think this will be one of those armies that I build, paint and play a few times before it gets ebayed. Afterall, Khorne is not really a finesse army and it's pretty easy to lead around by the nose, forcing chariots to go into difficult terrain, or overrunning backwards...etc...can be very frustrating. One of the reason I wanna try a Khorne army is the colour scheme. Never attempted red before...should be a hoot. I'll produce a test model in a few days. Stay tuned.

For the Skaven army, it definitely clan pestilence. Nurgle was one of my first loves when I started Warhammer, both in fantasy and in 40K. I'm gonna try the Lustria list, although I do find it frustrating that the list is only valid at 2000 points and above. Completely unneccessary, but hey I don't make the game, I just play it.

Well, I'm actually getting tired now, which is normal considering that I only have to wake up in 38 minutes. I'm gonna go reset the alarm clock for seven.

If anyone can figure out why I'm always hungry that would be great...


Punkhouse said...

You know you've been playing too much bloodbowl when you refer to all armies as 'teams' ;)

About the eating? maybe a hypnotist as I hear they can help with that, not that I should be giving advice on the matter.

Spanky_100 said...

Too funny. I noticed that too. Speaking of BB. What a blast that first season was. I cannot believe the fun that game is. And I cannot believe how damn lucky you are with dice roles!!!

In terms of eating...hyno might be a good suggestion. I wonder if he/she can make me think I'm eating a nice piece of salmon when I actually eating raw oatmeal. LOL

Jay MG said...

That Ninja's looking good though!