Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You win some You lose some...ok, I lose a lot

Played a couple of great games of Warhammer last night at Bayshore. First game was against Steve and his Savage Orcs. Steve is really getting the swing of the army and he was pulling 6+ Ward saves out of his ass. Amazing. There was lots of blood shed. Scraplauncher blew itself up on turn one. Too funny

Second game was against Ian’s Tomb Kings. That army is super nasty. The lord is practically unkillable and Ian plays the army like a violin. I got a few lucky breaks, but still a minor loss. I did manage to kill the bone giant after it whiffed in two combat rounds against the scraplauncher. That alone was worth the price of admission. The bone giant has been a constant pain in my side ever since the first time I played Ian. Funnily enough, the most hated models in the game, the scorpions did very little all game other than to keep me from exposing a flank.

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