Monday, August 22, 2005

Shipped a Tray

Packed up my first Tray today for shipment to the US of A. Here is what I did:

  • Searched high and low for a box

  • Didn’t find a box

  • Took high-density pink isolation form, the kind we use for terrain.

  • Cut out 6 pieces, one for each side of the Tray.

  • Taped it all together

  • Got some brown paper wrap from the post office

  • Wrapped it up and shipped it out

  • Total bill for shipping (excluding the pink foam) $21CDN

  • Total charged for shipping $18US.

  • Conclusion: Pretty good estimate. Might have to find a box that is properly sized for the tray to ship them.

Started building a second thick tray tonight. Base is complete,

  • Wednesday the side rails will go on,

  • Thursday, trim and sand,

  • Friday stain.

  • Sat am seal.

  • Sun ship.

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