Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Colour Purple

Bought a new stain today. Purple. Turned out really well. Once the sealant is dry I’ll take some pictures.

Finished three trays today before our dinner guests arrived.

Dinner was awesome. Pizza on the barbeque. Our first time making it, but it was superb. Michelle is an amazing cook. Might explain why I’m carrying around an additional 60-80lbs.  Had, two beers, 2 glasses of wine, Amaretto Liquor in my coffee and Lychee Liquor in the dessert and whip cream. I think I’ll stay away from the power tools for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow evening I’ll start the second tray that was ordered from ebay as well as figure out some way to ship these without them getting damaged.


Jay MG said...

Everything a growing boy needs!

Jay MG said...

Burple...Graple...Urple (you know that TV fellow with the glasses that liked cheese? No wait that was Urkel)