Sunday, August 21, 2005

Update on the Hunter

Finished the fur bits and have the base coat for all of the armour and wood bitz. Should finish this guy sometime in the next few days...looking over my to do list for Warhammer this weekend I think that I did pretty good:

  • Finished Ninja Ogre for Conflict army.
  • Start one of the BB teams Primed
  • Assemble some Dryads. Untouched
  • Started Ogre Hunter (Ebay bound)
  • Plan a Conflict Painting Entry. Gave it a little thought..maybe the GNG diorama.

Got a couple games in a GW last night. Lost a game against TROEs undefeatable Nurgle bastards., but did much better this time and played Andrew James in a lightening fast game of 1025 points of Warhammer. Always a pleasure master Andrew! Cheers.

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