Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I've travelled the world and no mold release

Well looked all over both Michael's stores and no mold release. If fact the staff looked at me like I had three heads. So taking SKs advice, I went to Crappy Tire and got some turtle wax.

Mixed up the resin, which btw is going to give me lung cancer no doubt about it. Added a little bit of green (2 drops) and brown (1 drop) of ink, stirred, add the catalyst (4 drops) and then stirred for 1 minute. Poured into the mold and viola! No unfortunately it sticks to the sides somewhat due to surface tension. Apparently the resin shrinks by 7% and maybe after doing that it will receed back somewhat. Else I'll have to figure out a way to trim resin. F as in U as in C as K. This is gonna be gobs of work.

I'm gonna go look at it in 20 minutes and then I'm leaving it under two lamps until I get home tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck. I'll take some picture of the "finished" product tomorrow night.

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