Thursday, December 15, 2005

Couple of fun games this week

Played a couple of fun games this Tuesday. Each was two thousand points. All games were played at GW Bayshore in Ottawa.

First game was against Kyle "the Giant". He plays high elves. I was playing my super fast slaneesh demonic legion army. He got first turn basically pummelled one of my demonette units cutting them in half with magic and shooting. My turn 1 I moved forward but held my fast cav in reserve.

Turn 2, he charged my heralds demonette unit with a chariot w a battle standard bearer in it, as well as the generals of silver helms. He easily won combat, but the unit of demonettes decided to stick around. My unit of pleasureseekers was charged by a second unit of silver helms, lost and exploded. Rolling a ten for their stability test twice. hehhhe. Those silver helms overran and hit my General but they were not in the range of a demonic chariot charge. Kyles magic and shooting dropped the other demonette unit to 6 models and took the other chariot down to a single wound.

My turn2, I charged the 6 model strong unit of demonettes into the flank of high elf battle standards chariot. The chariot charged the silverhelms that were fighting my general. Both my fast cav units quickly moved from behind my lines to threaten the high elf archers and bolt thrower on the hill in kyles deployment zone.

My general and the chariot made quit work of the silverhelms and they ran off. The big combat between my demonette units and his chariot, general and silverhelms, went badly for me and I lost again. (Damn that banner, warbanner, banner of 1d6 combat res!!). Both units of demonettes decided to stick around.

Stay tuned for more action later today as I explain turn 3...

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