Friday, December 16, 2005

Game 1, Turn 3

Turn 3 was when things really started to fall apart for Kyle.
He charged his fast cav into one of the threatening units of demonettes on steeds. His fleeing silverhelms rallied and positioned themselves to accept a charge from my chariot in the next turn. He focused his shooting and magic and at my other unit of fast cav. Magic was terrible and he failed to get a spell off.
His shooting dropped the fast cav unit to a single model.

His fast cav that charged my fast cav learned a terrible lesson. My steeds strike first with their posion tongues dropped 3 of his fav cav. His remaining two models wifted and were destroyed by the attacks of my riders (12 STR 4 attacks...). I overran to get closer to his archers so that they could not stand and shoot.

In the protacted combat with my demonettes, Kyle lethal character combo continued to win combat. One unit of mine was destroyed, and the other took no losses. However, he did lose his chariot and hence his out numbering. If I could just win a round he'd run from fear now.

My turn 3. Large unit of demottes charged his archers, who failed their fear test and ran off the board, resulting in my unit charging into his lone mage. The single demonette on steed charged the bolt thrower, unlikely to win combat but at least I might be able to tie it up for turn. My chariot charged his Mage Lord, who stood. My other chariot charged the unit of 2 silverhelms and my general charged his scouts using his foot movement to avoid the whole flyers in trees issue...they failed their terror test and ran.

I post what happened next shortly..

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