Monday, June 04, 2007

Bloc Champion on a section of rail

Someone on a website (Deepwoods) was asking about how the minis will sit properly on the railroad tracks (mining cart tracks in this case). First off, on the scenic base see here scenic base there will not be 12 orcs on this base. There will be a tipped over mining cart, some jewels, maybe a gobbo, and possibly one black orc. The base will represent 12 orcs however.

Anyway, here is an example of a how the unit champion of the unit will be placed on the rail.

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MartyRay said...

Spanky, i'd recommend more than 1, possibly 3 or more Black orcs on the base. Just so you don't (and your far from it) look like your being chincy with models...remember the cotton ball woodelves?

I really like the theme though, i'm gonna post some pics of my new chariots in progress soon, i'd appreciate feedback from you.