Monday, June 11, 2007

Changed the Black Orc Scenic Base

Yes yes, I know, no Black Orc is on this's coming, keep your pants on...

Anyway, I picked up a box of the new miners and had to use them and some of their bitz in the black orcs scenic base I'm working on. Recall I had started with the rail hopper cart tipped over (see here), but I found that it took up too much of the scene.

Along come the new miners and I gets me an idea. I took one of the dead dwarf models, lopped off his dented helmet and replace it with one from the new miners. Cut the tip off of his candle (as I imagine it would go out in the fall), and then draped his body over one of the new picks.

His mate has just found the body and source lighting will be used on the lantern he holds. In the blank space on the right between the tracks is where I intend on putting one of the black orcs. In fact I picked up the new black orc champion model, but I don't like the head and my unit it self is not modeled with shields. Need to do some conversion work here....

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