Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another small update on the O&G army...

1 Black Orc General Completed
1 Orc Standard Bearer Completed but needs to put in the chariot. Rare earth magnets required to move him from chariot to his own base. Got the magnets from CEG.
1 Orc Shaman started painting. Got the skin done.
1 Night Goblin Shaman Completed

Black Orcs:18 Completed and scenic base completed. (all to a table top standard) Source lighting not even started.
Orcs29: Got them.
Night Gobins: 28 assembled (including 12 scenic base, 1 champion and 3 fanatics).
1 NG Completed,
Scenic base assembled and primed. NG figure for base completed. Dwarf for scenic base started (skin and weapons).
1 Fanatic completed except for basing.
First base coat for skin for all NG incluging fantatics.

Spider Riders
1 Unit completed.
Arrer boyz
Still removing flash. 15/20 to go
Need to figure out how to make these look more like they belong in a mine.

Boar and rider assembled. Base started, and wagon started. Having some difficulty getting the plaster stones to stick to the base...More glue!


Bolt Throwers
1 Completed (with tied up slayer)
1 in blister.

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