Sunday, February 03, 2008

NG Skin finished....

With the base coating for the skin completed last night, this am I put 3-4 highlights on the skin. Probably enough for a basic trooper. Updates in Yellow.

1 Black Orc General Completed
1 Orc Standard Bearer Completed but needs to put in the chariot. Rare earth magnets required to move him from chariot to his own base. Got the magnets from CEG.
1 Orc Shaman started painting. Got the skin done.1 Night Goblin Shaman Completed

Black Orcs:18 Completed and scenic base completed. (all to a table top standard) Source lighting not even started.

Orcs29: Got them.

Night Gobins: 28 assembled (including 12 scenic base, 1 champion and 3 fanatics).1 NG Completed,Scenic base assembled and primed. NG figure for base completed. Dwarf for scenic base started (skin and weapons).1 Fanatic completed except for basing. Skin Completed.

Spider Riders1 Unit completed.

Arrer boyzStill removing flash. 15/20 to go. Need to figure out how to make these look more like they belong in a mine.

ChariotBoar and rider assembled. Base started, and wagon started. Having some difficulty getting the plaster stones to stick to the base...More glue!


Bolt Throwers
1 Completed (with tied up slayer)
1 in blister.

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